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MarketMakers and Bit Alliance are developing web portal for IT career counseling


In order to make it easier for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), and all those interested in working in the IT sector to get into the industry, BIT Alliance and MarketMakers have decided to create an online portal offering pragmatic advice relevant to one’s career development in the IT sector of BiH. The portal will contain information about formal, non-formal and online educational IT programs in BiH.


Additionally, the portal will offer general career guidance to people with different profiles, specifically on how to enter the IT industry, which schools, courses and educational programs to choose, which scholarships and programs exist in the IT sector in BiH and more. The portal will be a unique place that will cover IT programs at  BiH level, and online education platforms and its career guidance will be aligned with what the BiH industry is looking for and updated as industry needs change. Everything about IT education/training and successful employment stories in the IT industry in BiH will in the future be in one place – the portal will be a young person’s practical guide on how to enter the IT workforce irrespective of background.


The portal was created as a response to many inquiries youth and unemployed people had on how they can become part of the IT sector.


“We hope that the IT careers portal will help young people to see exactly what they have to do to get into the industry, to demystify the sector for those who find it abstract and difficult to learn about from the outside. The IT careers portal will support young people to make informed choices and give them an insight into some of the most exciting companies in BiH. It is possible to go from working in a coffee shop to working for an IT firm, people just need to know how and be prepared to dedicate some time to training or re-training themselves. Ultimately, we hope that the IT portal will contribute to increasing the number of IT professionals in BiH and indicate to youth where quality employment opportunities lie.”  noted Daniel Nippard, Technical Director of MarketMakers Project.
“Bit Alliance is receiving a lot of inquiries from job-seekers but from employed persons as well, who are looking for the best way to acquire the skills they need to become part of the IT sector. We are confident that the IT Careers Portal will provide an opportunity for interested people to be informed about available education programs and to gain helpful advice on how to develop their IT skills and career. As a result of the project, we expect more attendees of educational IT programs at faculties as well as informal programs. On the other hand, participants will have all the information to decide which IT education program best suits their affinities. The Bit Alliance as the leading IT association will be pleased to participate in this project, “noted Armin Talić, Executive Director of Bit Alliance.


Bit Alliance is the association of 23 largest software companies from BiH with more than 1,500 employees. Since 2014, it has been guided to one goal – to develop many opportunities in the software industry market, facing many obstacles that slow down its growth.