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Atlantbh is one of the first software development companies in BiH and has achieved remarkable results during the past 20 years, by working for some of the largest companies in the world. Challenging and successful projects, cutting-edge technologies, and long-term partnerships are what distinguish Atlantbh, from other companies, yet we at Atlantbh attribute our success to our people and the unique company culture we have created. Our people are the main reason why we make things seem easier than they are - we value culture, freedom, trust, and openness above everything else, and make Atlanters always feel at home.

Through various activities, we try to provide young people with opportunities for further education. One of these activities, which we are most proud of, is our ABH Internship - so far educating over 100 young adults, all wanting to complement their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. We make things look easy.

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Authority Partners

API was founded on a lifelong passion for programming and its ability to change the face of the enterprise. Doing anything less was inconceivable.

Our achievements were realised early on in partnership with our clients, who we empowered to succeed through our API built information systems. That’s why, while others define themselves by the industries and technologies they work with, we choose to define ourselves by our integrity, devotion to client partners, and agile approach to implementation.

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Agilitas d.o.o. Sarajevo is a consulting agency that collaborates with digital organizations in order to work on Agile Management implementation. We enjoy helping micro and small organizations in the field of business idea validation, organization development and process improvement, education and digital startup projects development.

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BS Telecom Solutions

BS Telecom Solutions d.o.o. was founded in 2002. and has profiled itself as a manufacturer, supplier and integrator of complete telecommunication and information systems which are based on modern technologies and our own technological research. The concept of offered solutions is always in accordance with client's requests and needs and it is based on international standards from telecommunication and IT fields.

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Datalab BH

For more than 23 years we’ve strived to simplify and improve business processes. Achieving top results and business digitalization is only possible with the support of a reliable and high-quality information system.

We’re developing PANTHEON with the goal to tailor it to your individual needs, the needs of your industry while keeping up with general technological progress, changes in legislation, and other improvements.

Our mission is to use constant innovation to ensure that quality business IT is available to everyone, even the smallest companies. Today, PANTHEON is the No. 1 ERP system in its segment in the region. Datalab and its partners provide services for the sale, support, training, and maintenance of the PANTHEON software. They also form one of the largest IT consultation groups in the region.

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Disti d.o.o. is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian company founded in 2002 with headquarters in Sarajevo. The company is primarily engaged in the wholesale, distribution and development of modern technologies that include computer equipment, computer programs and projects related to IT infrastructure.

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GRM Digital

GRM Digital is an award-winning web design and development agency specialising in design and implementation, with a focus on Content Management System driven websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and collaborative intranet and extranet solutions.

We provide our clients with high quality, robust solutions that are tailored to their business needs and are implemented with ROI in mind. With over 200 years' combined experience in the digital space, our team of designers, developers and solution architects have to date never failed to meet the needs of our clients, always within the agreed timeframes and budget.

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HTEC Group

HTEC is a global digital consulting, software engineering, and product development firm that empowers the world's best high-tech companies, disruptive startups, and global enterprises with innovative product design and sophisticated technology engineering services. HTEC supports global clients with end-to-end digital product development, from strategy and conceptualization to digital product design and agile engineering on scale. Our scope of expertise spans many domains, including Healthcare & Medical Technology, Retail & CPG, Transportation & Mobility, Financial Services & FinTech, Energy & Infrastructure, Media & Entertainment, and Deep Tech. HTEC's extensive expertise fuses product design and development, enterprise software, SaaS solutions, hardware and firmware engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and scalable cloud platforms to deliver products and solutions for many of the world's largest brands and used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. We have built our success on the utmost dedication to our clients and team members. Our teams approach clients with the impetus to not just solve challenges, but create future opportunities.

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HUB387 is the first technology park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose main goal is to integrate BiH into the global, knowledge-based economy through the development of the ICT sector in the region, creating an environment conducive to strengthening the local IT ecosystem, as well as promoting the culture of collaboration and shared knowledge. HUB387 aims to promote innovation, startups and to facilitate expansion of existing enterprises focusing on in-demand workforce development. It is already well recognized as a value-added initiative with high-growth potential by the local stakeholders, international community and development organizations. It continues to provide a collaborative, competitive, and innovative workspace environment with the prospective to incubate in-demand knowledge and bring global projects to local IT community, enabling new models for sustainable economic growth, job creation and innovations. HUB387’s vision is to promote growth and employment, generating high-quality jobs and to make use of the untapped potential of ICT engineers, researchers and innovators in the region.

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HulkApps is amongst the leading experts in Shopify, stretching across three continents and numbering more than 180 employees. We pride ourselves on solving tough technical challenges and building beautiful, practical, and effective websites that engage and convert. Also, we are here to embrace the future of commerce and make it better for everyone - it was always about the people. By having the right mindset and striving to grow with every experience, we take pride in the value we provide - for all our merchants, for all our entrepreneurs!
We care about our merchants, partners, and employees, who are a part of more than 100,000 businesses worldwide. We are the go-to destination for Shopify merchants looking to grow their business.
Back in 2012, we began creating Shopify Themes. With 11+ Premium Shopify Themes in the market, we learned that merchants needed something more to succeed, so we built our apps on the Shopify App Store. Since creating our first app in 2017, we have made 20 more apps and have no intent on stopping there.
With a perfect blend of creativity and technical expertise, we’ve built a strong community that believes in teamwork, communication, pushing boundaries and staying up to date with trends each time for our merchants.

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IEH SoftLabs

IEH SofLabs is part of the IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group family of companies which employs over 2,000 people worldwide. The primary goal of IEHSoftLabs is to act as an in-house software development solution for our partners and clients.

IEHSoftLabs is a software development company dedicated to delivering scalable, innovative, and competitive market solutions. IEHSoftLabs specializes in providing end-to-end delivery of tailor-made software.

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KING ICT is a regional systems integrator and the leader in developing and implementing innovative enterprise solutions. Our primary drivers are knowledge, expertise, creativity and motivation to improve businesses and to create added value. Through innovative ICT solutions, we aim to build a more connected and digital future for our generation and future generations.

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Endurance and commitment to see things through makes success possible and create an environment where delivering great products and services is the norm.

We care about our customers the same way we care about our company. For every product we do or service we give, we invest all our talent completely without any holding back. Being independent, working hard and doing it the smart way is appreciated, but building a great company requires us to shed off our egos and embrace team spirit.

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Kodeks d.o.o. Sarajevo, in cooperation with global partners, delivers IT and telecommunications solutions, products and services on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We design optimal solutions for our customers that will meet their existing and long-term needs. In that process we pay special attention to service and advisory support, and with the same dedication and professional approach we do business with domestic small, medium and large companies, as well as foreign companies operating in B&H.

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Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH, based in Langenhagen, Germany, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., Tokyo, Japan. We enable our clients to champion the digital era: with our unique imaging expertise and data processing capabilities, we create relevant solutions for our customers and solve issues faced by society. As a provider of comprehensive IT services, we deliver consultancy and services to optimise business processes with workflow automation and implement solutions in the field of IT infrastructure and IT security as well as cloud environments.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe is represented by subsidiaries and distributors in more than 80 countries in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With almost 9,900 employees (as of April 2018).

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After being in the market for 30 years, LANACO is today the largest ICT company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company employs over 340 people, with headquarters in Banja Luka and branch offices in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Zrenjanin. By constant training, education and specialisation of its employees, the company has created a team of specialists and experts who provide a guarantee for the successful implementation of projects in the IT field. The focus is on creating products that, in essence, connect all aspects of quality.

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LINK group

LINK Group is a leading multinational company that has been successfully running professional education and certification in the field of information technology and modern business for over 20 years. LINK Group successfully works on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the United States and, through distance learning, attracts more than 120 countries.

Within the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are four educational institutes: ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy with representatives in Sarajevo and Banja Luka and the High School of Information technology, economics and entrepreneurship with headquarters in Banja Luka.

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MAUS! A click away from the solution.

We believe that technology should be of service to people, not the other way around. We believe that work has a price, but profit itself is not our driving force. What matters more to us is trust, learning and development opportunities and the ability to put resources in service to the community.
For us, expertise is inseparable from creativity, and work is a source of pleasure.
We look back with pride, and into the future with curiosity and hope.

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Mad Head Games

We are a video game development studio that has come a long way.

A studio that evolved from a developer of casual games to a creator of action games for PC and consoles. From a small indie studio to a studio with offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Sarajevo. Our pioneering pedigree is 66 games long and spans over twelve years, and over that time, we blazed the trail for all up-and-coming domestic game developers.

On that quest, we pave our way with two big games we are currently working on: soon-to-be-released Scars Above, a challenging and immersive 3rd person Sci-Fi shooter... and an unannounced project based on a famous horror film IP.

Making video game heroes is our thing… but the more rewarding part are the heroes our teammates become during the process.

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Leading provider of IT healthcare services for public and private sector in BiH and region.

The company medIT was founded in 2008, with the aim of offering its own software platforms intended for the health sector, which will improve the quality of health and quality of life of citizens, and facilitate the work of health professionals. Today, the healthcare sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the countries of the region, is unthinkable without medIT software solutions. We connect over 40,000 healthcare professionals as well as several million patients. As part of the medIT GROUP, there are also companies that deal with telemedicine as well as the import of medical devices and food supplements. The company medIT participates in several state, entity and cantonal e-government construction projects.

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Apple Authorised Reseller, Service Provider and Training Center

Mekline d.o.o. was founded in 1996 as an authorized reseller and servicer of Apple products for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then, Mekline has recorded a number of successes in the implementation of Apple hardware and software solutions.

As a partner of high integrity, AAR Mekline builds its business around entrepreneurship as it maintains flexibility, competitiveness and initiative. AAR Mekline represents Apple in the most professional way with its headquarters in the most beautiful building in Sarajevo, the Academy of Fine Arts.

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Ministry of Programming

Ministry of Programming is a venture-building software design, development, and investment company from Sarajevo specialized in working with startups covering the spheres such as BioTech, HealthTech, MusicTech, FinTech, and social investing.

The company has thrived to become one of the fastest-growing venture builders in Central Europe with the growth of 1200+ % in 5 years, more than 170+ team members, 80+ products in their portfolio, and worldwide partners.

Their staggering growth resulted in the company receiving multiple international recognitions from Deloitte (Fast 50 CE 2019 and Impact Star 2020), UNDP (SDG Business Pioneers, category People for 2019 and 2020), Financial Times FT1000 (2020 - the first company in BiH to be ranked on the list), and others.

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NENASAL is a cutting-edge IT company that specializes in providing digital innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes across various industries. NENASAL is a young technology company based in Gradiska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Wilmington, USA.

We are a team hinged on a culture of teamwork, business-first approach, and collaboration. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and tailor our services to meet those needs. Whether it’s developing custom software solutions, implementing cloud-based systems, or providing expert consulting services, NENASAL has the skills and expertise to help your business thrive.

We are proud to have established partnerships with numerous global leaders in the tech industry, such as Google, Intel, Miro, IBM, Wasabi, Amazon, Pimcore, Corel and many others, as well as our ability to give our customers access to these highest quality software solutions.

At NENASAL, we are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and building long-term relationships with our clients. We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients, providing them with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective IT solutions that help them stay ahead of the competition.

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Oracle BH

Oracle BH d.o.o., as an authorized representative of Oracle Corporation, is headquartered in Sarajevo and employs a team of young people operating both in BiH and outside of country as a regional resources. The Oracle team actively participates in the work of the academic community through the Oracle Academy initiative.

Globally, Oracle has over 136,000 employees and revenue of more than 39.50 billion in the last fiscal year, of which 5.9 billion USD revenue from the Cloud. In addition to the company's strategic focus on Cloud, Oracle annually invests over 5.8 billion USD in R&D, resulting in high quality products that are constantly recognized as leaders in the business solutions market.

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PING Software and Services is a software development company specializing in the development of enterprise applications and enterprise application integration services. For the past two decades PING is committed to providing software solutions development services on client request. We are partners with clients who are just starting their businesses, small and medium companies, and large business, financial and government organizations.

With our family of over 50 employees, most of whom with a university degree in computers and information technology, we have successfully realized over 100 business systems implementation projects. We have certified our processes with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and information security management system with ISO 27001:2013.

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QSS was established in 1997, and it has been experiencing continuous growth and development ever since. Today, we stand as the leading IT company for Cloud, Software Development and System Integrations in Southeastern Europe. Our leading position was secured through the strong, long-term partnerships with some of the global leaders in the field: Adobe, Check Point, Cisco, FalconStor, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, RedHat, Symantec, Veeam, Veritas and VMware.

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Founded in 2013, RUBICON began as a two friend project. As two developers with extensive experience, we were ready to establish our own company with our own rules. The past few years have been full of growth, prosperity, and lessons learned. From small startups to globally recognized companies, we’ve coded through it all. We foster a positive work environment based on trust, teamwork, open-communication and last but not least - lots of laughs.

Our diverse team is composed of talented engineers, designers and product owners. We maintain trustworthy relationships with one another, making our communication honest and straightforward - in and out of work. We truly value the time that we spend together. After all, we spend one-third of our lives at work so we may as well make it pleasurable. We design and develop powerful software solutions transforming businesses big and small. From the decision making process to the final product, we work through it all. We make products that our team, clients and their consumers love. Trends and requirements change but we’re always up to date as every day is a new learning opportunity. Quality software is our passion.

Our Services

• SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (Mobile Application Development; Frontend Development; Backend Development; Cloud Solution Development; IoT (Internet of Things)

• OTHER SERVICES (QA & Testing; DevOps; UX/UI Design; Design Sprint Workshop; Lean Inception Workshop; Project Management)

• EXPERTISE (Cloud Development; IoT Software Development)

RUBICON is headquartered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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We are a team of creative professionals and designers who are dedicated to educational, websites and graphics solutions. We have the will, skills, and commitment to help our customers to stand out from the crowd of other organizations and companies.

The creation of online and offline content is our specialty. Regardless of which type and size of projects we do, they are extremely important to us and we do our best that the results of our work contribute to their success. Besides that, our focus is on solving the challenges within the educational system regarding the implementation of online learning tools.

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Softray Solutions

For the past three years, Softray Solutions has been working on developing web and mobile apps using cutting-edge technology stack for clients all over the world. Our objective is to deliver value to our customers and help them capture their vital business opportunities by using our custom technology solutions.

Our vision is to get talented and enthusiastic developers together and let them do what they do best. We believe that talented people are our biggest asset and we do our best to keep them happy, encourage their growth and nurture their skills and creativity.

Our slogan “Beyond Code” reflects the idea of recognizing the individuality of every team member and belief that our people are our main and most integral resource. We encourage vibrant culture and promote personal development and commitment to excellence.

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Supernova is a new brand in the field of telecommunications in Bosnia and Herzegovina under which Blicnet d.o.o. Banjaluka operates, which provides users with internet access services, digital television, fixed telephony and ICT solutions.

Teams of Blicnet engineers work on the development and delivery of solutions in all key ICT areas. They create quality software and hardware solutions for the protection of values and information, computer LAN, WAN and WiFi networks, VoIP switchboards, IT security, electronic access control, and are pioneers in the implementation of Smart City, as well as many other Smart solutions.

We are the winners „Future City Innovation Challenge - Banja Luka“, which was held in 2020 under the auspices of UNDP/City of Banja Luka and the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Republic of Srpska, where we won two out of ten awarded projects related to specialized solutions in the field of lighting management and applications to help rural tourism.

We are focused on constantly improving the quality of telecommunications services by introducing modern technical solutions in order to provide our users with the best possible quality of services. All business processes and communication with users, partners and employees take place in accordance with established work and behavior standards that include appreciation and respect as well as the promotion of social values. In the future, we want to remain a reliable operator that delivers quality telecommunications services and business solutions.

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We are Symphony! Our founding principle is the belief that great ideas are made when great minds come together. Our vision is to build the workforce of the future - where borders, geography and citizenship don’t stop the best engineers globally from delivering world-class work that matters.

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Walter code

Walter Code is a part of Walter Sar Group AB, a Swedish-Bosnian holding founded in 2008. As an innovative IT company, Walter Code is helping its clients to line up with the industry trends, embracing the digitally transformed world and making the planet a better and more efficient place. The company is represented by a group of talented minds passionate about one thing – to develop innovative technological solutions driven by a strong desire to get away from conformity to standards. Business analysis, software development, quality assurance, UX/UI and product launch are just some of the major services in the scope of Walter Code.

Furthermore, Walter Code’s clients are business entities that specialize in very prospective industries like architecture, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering as well as software development. Additionally, Walter Code is trying to reach promising talents from the whole local market in order to educate and motivate them and finally to make them grow within the company by recruiting them and giving them a chance to collaborate on many challenging international projects.

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Over past 20 years, ZIRA has been a leading vendor of innovative BSS solutions for customer, revenue and risk management committed to maximising customer value, by continuously evolving its business portfolio.

Working with 50+ telecommunication operators across 22 countries, ZIRA implements integrated and flexible modular solutions covering full order to cash process for retail and wholesale domains, to protect legacy investments, reducing the risk and cost of implementation while meeting customers’ unique needs.

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