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Bit Alliance and Cluj IT Cluster signed memorandum of cooperation


Novembar 1, 2019


In order to exchange successful practices, Bit Alliance signed a memorandum of cooperation with Cluj IT Cluster during the recent visit in Cluj, Romania. The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by Tatjana Vucic, executive director of Bit Alliance and Andrei Kelemen, executive director of Cluj IT Cluster.


Cooperation will be developed in order to create a more positive business environment which will contribute towards improving the competitiveness of IT companies in both Cluj, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


„Today is the day we have laid the foundation for what we hope to become a sustainable relationship between two important ecosystems in this part of our continent, Cluj and Sarajevo. Our communities have known tragedies and hardships in the not very distant past, but we are determined to leave all these behind and build a bright future for us, and for future generations. Cluj and Sarajevo have the potential to become a successful story about collaboration, common projects and socio-economic development where the IT industry is one of the cornerstones. We are looking forward to nurturing this partnership into becoming such a story.“, said Andrei Kelemen, executive director of Cluj IT Cluster.


Tatjana Vučić, executive director of Bit Alliance, points out that business models of clusters are very specific and that cooperation with other clusters is necessary in order to exchange and adopt successful practices of other organizations. “Cluj IT Cluster brings together large companies that are one of the players in positioning the IT industry in Romania as a leading industry. Since Bit Alliance is making efforts to make the B&H IT industry a strategic branch of the B&H economy, cooperation with the Cluj IT cluster will help us achieve this by adopting and sharing quality practices.”, said Tatjana Vucic, executive director of Bit Alliance.


Cluj IT is a cluster-based organization formed of active more than 80 organizations in the information technology sector: providers of software services and solutions, universities and research institutes, public bodies and other catalyst organizations.