“EduBits – IT Courses” – WHAM

In March of 2020, as part of the “Workforce Development and Greater Access to Markets (WHAM)” project, a grant agreement was signed between Bit Alliance and USAID, with the aim of implementing the “EduBits – IT Courses” project.


The implementation of this project during 2020 and 2021 made a significant contribution to the training and employment of the labor force in the labor market of the IT industry, and training in various IT technologies was made possible for over 100 experts.


The participants were given the opportunity to develop their IT career and skills, so that in the future they could work on projects in Bit Alliance members and contribute to their further development, and the subject of the courses was selected based on the needs of IT companies in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla. given the lack of professional IT workforce on the labor market. This is another in a series of Bit Alliance projects dedicated to increasing the availability of opportunities to acquire IT knowledge and skills in order to create an in-demand IT workforce.


The project “Support to IT educational initiatives” was designed as a measure to support technical training and employment in IT companies, members of the Bit Alliance, given the lack of professional IT workforce on the labor market. Three types of training were implemented within the project:

  • IT trainings in companies for the purpose of employment – 62 participants
  • up-skill trainings for the existing workforce in IT companies – 21 participants
  • courses for the unemployed and the general public – 70 participants


In 2020, a total of 153 participants participated in the mentioned trainings, 25 participants were employed after the trainings in IT companies.


During 2021, with the aim of providing support and enabling technical training, as well as employment within IT companies, 13 courses were implemented in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla. The courses were successfully completed by 104 participants, 30 participants in Sarajevo, 41 in Banja Luka, 20 in Mostar and13 in Tuzla, of which 20 participants were employed during the duration of the project.


The following companies participated in the project: Authority Partners, ECHO Technology Solutions, Klika, LANACO, Ministry of Programming, PlanetSoft and Way7 Technologies.