CoderDojo schools of programming

In order to provide primary and secondary school students, opportunity for learning programming and other IT skills, Bit Alliance organized free programming schools and CoderDojo IT clubs in cooperation with partners.


CoderDojo is a movement established in Ireland that has created a global network of developers based on volunteer work of mentors and other staff. CoderDojo community believes that understanding of programming languages ​​is becoming increasingly important in the contemporary world, that it is better and easier to learn these skills in early adolescence and that everyone has the opportunity to learn these skills. Over the course of the year, more than 38.000 children attended CoderDojo workshops in more than 60 countries around the world. Within CoderDojo School, participants can learn to code, create a website, application, or game and learn about technology in an informal and creative environment.




Bit Alliance shares the vision of CoderDojo movement and Bit Alliance organized the first CoderDojo school in Bosnia and Herzegovina during August 2017  which attended more than 130 primary and secondary school students from Sarajevo Canton. In the future, Bit Alliance aims to organize the same or similar activities across BiH, and include IT professionals, teachers, students and other people who want to participate in this very useful and interesting projects.