BITA4students lectures

The software industry is the fastest growing and very dynamic industry and offers a lot of learning opportunities because acquired knowledge at the university is just the beginning of a long journey of  professional development. In order to better prepare students for their job in software industry, Bit Alliance organizes lectures BITA4students held by employees from the Bit Alliance members.


These lectures are a great opportunity for students to get familiar with current industry trends and learn more about the technologies used, the types of projects they can work on and the best practices in the field. BITA4students lectures are held regularly at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo, and it is planned to extend this initiative to other faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bit Alliance seeks to achieve good quality of cooperation with educational institutions and provide students with new opportunities for learning current technologies and methods of work in order to improve the on-boarding process from university to the workplace.