Association for Internet Trade “eComm”

In Sarajevo, at the end of October 2021, the Association for Internet Trade “eComm” was founded, which operates throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).


Bit Alliance is one of the founders of the “eComm” Association together with: “PIK” d.o.o. Sarajevo, “LILIUM” d.o.o. Sarajevo and the Arbitri association. The establishment of the Association was supported by the MarketMakers Project, which is financed by the Government of Switzerland, and which in 2019 launched an initiative for the development of e-commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which, in addition to the founder, 10 other companies participated, and within which the creation of 35 e-stores was supported as and the development of a business plan for the “eComm” Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


BiH is the only country in the region that has not had an active Association for the development of e-commerce, which continuously works to create a favorable and positive environment for the development of the e-market, and brings the country closer to global trends. Accordingly, the Association was founded to promote safe internet trade in BiH, to contribute to the improvement of legislative legislation in this area, and actively works on the education of all factors in the e-commerce process, from merchants to consumers. The association will be the main proponent of the development of e-commerce, and plans to expand partnerships with both the private and public sectors.


“Our goal is to develop the local market of online trade through the development of all phases of buying and selling. Starting from promotion and advertising, to online payment and delivery of goods, all the way to the improvement of legal regulations of online trade, security and effective protection of consumers and traders”, emphasized the founders of the Association. eComm”.


The promotion of online trade is based on the realization of various projects, cooperation with relevant stakeholders both in BiH and in the region, the organization of conferences and seminars (webinars) with the aim of promoting and spreading awareness of online trade, and educating the business community as well as consumers themselves, which would in should ultimately lead to the development and growth of the overall local and regional online trade.