DevOps Engineers

Our community is looking for new members for the position of DevOps Engineer in our Sarajevo community

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We stand shoulder to shoulder with the most creative entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the world. We work on the kinds of challenges that keep entrepreneurs up at night and we build the teams and spaces that get engineers up in the morning!

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Our community is looking for new members for the position of DevOps Engineer in our Sarajevo community.

DevOps Engineer will work on:

  • Deployment process support,
  • Analysing hosting requirements against technical specifications of the product and designing and implementing solutions for build, packing, deployment, environment configurations and application configurations,
  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Bamboo, or other similar solution).

Key skills and position requirements:

  • Knowledge of static code analysis tools (e.g. SonarQube),
  • Hand on experience with automation/configuration management using either Puppet, Chef or an equivalent,
  • In depth knowledge of centralized and distributed source control system Git:
    • Branching mechanisms (GitFlow),
  • Experience with configuring Linux/Windows OS,
  • Experience with system virtualisation tools: VMWare/VirtualBox/Docker,
  • Familiar with configuring web servers like IIS, Apache, Tomcat, nginx. Hand on experience is a great advantage,
  • Experience with development and deployment procedures in agile development cycle,
  • Knowledge of web technologies and protocols to troubleshoot live site issues (Networking OSI model (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, Routing),
  • Knowledge of at least one scripting language that could be used for writing automatization scripts for:
  • Automated backups of target environment
    • DB backups
    • File Server backups
    • Application backups
  • Configuration of new deployment packages
  • Build procedures for generating binaries from source code
  • Installation and updates of target environment,
  • Knowledge of popular hosting environments and their configurations like: Amazon AWS and Azure,
  • Knowledge of Task Management / Bug Tracking systems, like Jira or Asana,
  • Knowledge of popular development languages and frameworks (.Net, Java, Python, NodeJS …),
  • Knowledge of popular database engines (MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres) and SQL,
  • An understanding of security fundamentals,

Education & Experience

  • BA degree in Computer Science is a great advantage,
  • 3 years of experience in similar positions is a great advantage.

No one can whistle a Symphony!

  • Projects: augmented reality, biotechnology, machine learning, wearables and much more;
  • Office with impressive fun zone and comfy work zone;
  • Fun zone, tasty, healthy food, terrace, playroom, pool and more;
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When choosing new team members, we love to be mutually impressed. If we’ve impressed you, we challenge you to impress us and we will get back to you soon.