21 of the biggest software companies in B&H
Over 1,500 employees
40 million BAM worth of export in 2015

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Atlantbh is all about excellence, passion, and flexibility.

Software is everywhere today, but a large number of software projects fail without making any impact. Instead of just delivering software quickly, we work in close partnership with you to solve your biggest business challenges through creative applications and technology solutions.

We combine best practice technologies, a sound working methodology, and a global vision of each client’s business to deliver highest-quality solutions.

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Authority Partners

API was founded on a lifelong passion for programming and its ability to change the face of the enterprise. Doing anything less was inconceivable.

Our achievements were realised early on in partnership with our clients, who we empowered to succeed through our API built information systems. That’s why, while others define themselves by the industries and technologies they work with, we choose to define ourselves by our integrity, devotion to client partners, and agile approach to implementation.

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BS Telecom Solutions

BS Telecom Solutions d.o.o. was founded in 2002. and has profiled itself as a manufacturer, supplier and integrator of complete telecommunication and information systems which are based on modern technologies and our own technological research. The concept of offered solutions is always in accordance with client's requests and needs and it is based on international standards from telecommunication and IT fields.

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We are trusted provider of information technology services, which is specialised for embedded software development, web development, mobile applications development and business intelligence.

Our team is composed of highly qualified, creative, motivated and experienced team of developers which can answer on complex client's requirements.

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Comtrade Sarajevo is part of a dynamic group of technology companies, which has been active in the development of advanced software solutions for clients around the world for 25 years.

Established as a firm for software engineering and ancillary services, Comtrade has grown into a company that develops software products, provides services and integrates computer systems.

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Config from Mostar for over 13 years successfully operates in the IT sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are dealing with software programs for business in the HoReCa channel of BiH and they are representatives in the procurement of Datecs fiscal devices in FBiH. They are also the best service and support provider for fiscal devices as well as distributor of software and POS equipment in BiH.

Config has doubled the number of employees in the last year, and this year it also employs new ones. A satisfied employees and a warm atmosphere of collegiality are set up as a pillar of this company's success. Being part of the Config team is a step forward in terms of the future of operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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5th Dimension

700 small and medium businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina daily use "Element", ERP (Enterprise resource planning) business solution of the company 5th Dimension d.o.o. which we have been developing and implementing for 27 years.

An experienced team of experts produces and implements business solutions aimed at optimizing the business processes of our clients. Produce and provide a service at the level where the client is a business partner, the goal is where we have been from the beginning.

5th Dimension d.o.o. has become recognizable as a company that implements key-to-customer solutions to its customers by delivering ERP, computer equipment, fiscal systems and antivirus protection.

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Got Solutions (JSGuru)

Got Solutions (JSGuru) is a young and growing team of 20+ application experts that share a passion for building effective and efficient software solutions. We get deeply involved with the project we are working so that our clients interact with us as a trusted team member. When our clients allow this level of participation, they receive the benefits of our development skills and credible input to improve project execution, saving time & money in the process.

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Green River Media

Green River Media is an award-winning web design and development agency specialising in design and implementation, with a focus on Content Management System driven websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and collaborative intranet and extranet solutions.

We provide our clients with high quality, robust solutions that are tailored to their business needs and are implemented with ROI in mind. With over 200 years' combined experience in the digital space, our team of designers, developers and solution architects have to date never failed to meet the needs of our clients, always within the agreed timeframes and budget.

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Imel Ltd has been engaged in the production of integral information systems - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and dedicated software solutions for business entities for 23 years. Among the clients of this company are small, medium and large companies coming from different industries. The realization of projects is based on the maximum investment of acquired knowledge and experience with the use of modern technologies.

Established as a company for software engineering and additional IT services, Imel Ltd is developed as a company that designs and develops software products, provides IT and business consulting services, computer networks and operating systems.

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Endurance and commitment to see things through makes success possible and create an environment where delivering great product and services is the norm.

We care about our customers the same way we care about our company. For every product we do or service we give, we invest all our talent completely without any holding back. Being independent, working hard and doing it the smart way is appreciated, but building a great company requires us to shed off our egos and embrace team spirit.

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After being in the market for 27 years, LANACO is today the largest ICT company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company employs over 280 people, with headquarters in Banja Luka and offices in Sarajevo and Belgrade (Serbia). By constant training, education and specialisation of its employees, the company has created a team of specialists and experts who provide a guarantee for the successful implementation of projects in the IT field.

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LINK group

LINK Group is a leading multinational company that has been successfully running professional education and certification in the field of information technology and modern business for over 20 years. LINK Group successfully works on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the United States and, through distance learning, attracts more than 120 countries.

Within the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are four educational institutes: ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy with representatives in Sarajevo and Banja Luka and the High School of Information technology, economics and entrepreneurship with headquarters in Banja Luka.

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MANIA marketing agency was created as a blend of art and science with the goal of proving that young and creative people can make a successful place with their effort and dedication where they will realize their bold and unusual ideas. MANIA has become a long-term commitment of ambitious people, those who are always ready to learn, as well as experts who enjoy what they do. What we do is: marketing, event and PR, video production, web design, graphic design and photography.

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Ministry of Programming

We create world-class startups. We developed search engines, social networks, trading systems and disease detection software thanks to our great team of professionals.

Our cultural values are powered by Happiness. We default to positiveness and happiness. We are fun and we believe in the importance of fun. We are innovative, inspire others and always striving to improve and be the best version of ourselves. MoP is fun and more.

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Misija:Web provides consulting, web and app solutions for clients across the globe. Since 2007., we have created websites, applications, portals, e-commerce solutions, CRM and other web based software for clients across the world.

And while we have evolved significantly and have welcomed the changes that come with growth, there is one thing that hasn't changed - our passion for design and development.

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We are a young software development company based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are 5 and half years young and continue to expand our already vast portfolio and network of world-renowned clients. We also continue to grow our local teams, having passed the threshold of 50 employees before we turned four years of age! We are a 100 now.

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NSoft provides top quality software solutions for gaming and betting industry, including platform, virtual games, sportsbook and lotteries.

The unifying theme of NSoft, ever since we started in 2008, is our goal driven investment in innovation and people. We are a company that shares the family bonds and our philosophy. This philosophy holds true for each and every one of us - and that philosophy is that people are at the heart of everything.

Thanks to this approach we managed to expand our business and become one of the leading employers in the region to hear that professionals want to become NSofters and be a part of the family of 190 people.

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Software and Services is a computer and software engineering company founded in 1997, with the idea to provide services in almost any field of computer and information engineering, based on the knowledge and quality as key determinants of business.

We are aimed at large and complex business and government systems – banks and financial institutions, retail and production companies, government institutions and agencies, but we also offer a range of services and solutions for the market of medium-sized enterprises.

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Symphony is a community that gathers people who share the same passion - passion for technology. Besides that, they also share some values, which make Symphony a place where everybody loves to spend time, evolve, have fun, improve and work on some of the most interesting projects in the world.

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Over past 20 years, ZIRA has been a leading vendor of innovative BSS solutions for customer, revenue and risk management committed to maximising customer value, by continuously evolving its business portfolio.

Working with 50+ telecommunication operators across 22 countries, ZIRA implements integrated and flexible modular solutions covering full order to cash process for retail and wholesale domains, to protect legacy investments, reducing the risk and cost of implementation while meeting customers’ unique needs.

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