Senior Frontend Developer

Bravo Systems is hiring Senior Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer

Bravo Systems is looking for a motivated, talented and committed Frontend Developers to join our team and bring new dynamic on board.

We care about our team members, want them to be excellent professionals, and are devoted to help them constantly acquire new knowledge by attending technical conferences, internal knowledge transfer sessions, and local coding workshops.

We prefer libraries over frameworks, valuing Core JavaScript over the latest buzzwords, but also thrive to keep the pace with the ever changing JavaScript landscape in order to stay competent.

As a Frontend Developer, your responsibilities will be…

  • Development, code refactoring, and implementation of innovative solutions
  • Building new products and system features
  • Re-engineering and constantly improving existing system
  • Helping shape development processes and practices
  • Research and implementation of the latest trends and technologies in JavaScript
  • Encouraging colleagues to experiment and innovate
  • Contributing to group development and initiatives
  • Working as a part of a Scrum team with a well described and groomed product backlog using agile methodologies and practices, collaborating with the Business leads and other team members to create new stories for the product backlog.

To deliver these responsibilities, you need to have…

  • Strong knowledge of core JavaScript and Client Side JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of other fundamental Web technologies, including HTTP, REST, AJAX, as well as HTML5 and CSS3
  • Basic knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues
  • Good knowledge of browser developer tools – JavaScript code debugging, network traffic analysis, JavaScript code profiling, DOM inspection, CSS rules inspections
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript engine internals and browser rendering processes
  • Familiarity with version control systems and tools – Git, Github, BitBucket
  • Familiarity with development and testing practices, such as TDD, BDD, as well as code quality standards
  • Testing tools and frameworks – Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Sinon
  • Desire to keep up and experiment with the latest Web technologies

And, it is nice to have…

  • Solid understanding of concepts like asynchronous programming, service workers, closures, types, scopes, prototypal inheritance, and other JavaScript internals
  • Familiarity with different programming paradigms in JavaScript – Functional programming, OOP, procedural
  • Familiarity with Design Patterns, Coding Patterns and Best Engineering practices
  • Experience with modular organization of JavaScript code, module loaders and module bundlers – ES6 modules, RequireJS, Webpack, Browserify
  • Experience with build and automation tools – Gulp, Grunt
  • Experience with some of the modern JavaScript frameworks, such as React or Vue.js
  • Basic Node.js knowledge
  • Familiarity with Push Notifications and Progressive Web Applications
  • Experience in creating browser extensions, with a focus on Web extensions
  • Basic understanding of Window/Unix/Linux OS and basic shell scripting
  • Experience with JIRA or some other collaboration tools
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development frameworks
  • Familiarity with online advertising ecosystem, terminology and tools

What we offer?

  • A place where you can continuously grow and advance your career and skills
  • Recognition and promotion for results and performance by planning your career development
  • Great financial packages and bonuses for business achievements
  • Promotion of healthy work-life balance and healthy snacks
  • Fun, casual and collaborative team environment with the latest equipment and technologies
  • Celebration of your personal and family milestones
  • Occasional travel to our partner’s office
  • Additional benefits such as sports, gaming, team and company events

With you on board, we’re looking to expand our team and take our system to a whole new level. If you are qualified, interested and passionate about technology (even if you do not meet all requirements), send us your application.