Conference On The Development Of Software Industry in B&H

Bit Alliance, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organizes the Conference On The Development Of Software Industry in B&H, which aims to present potentials that can be achieved in the software industry and to propose steps and solutions to decision-makers in state institutions. The first conference was held on April 25th of 2017, presenting trends in the development of this industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, countries of the region and the world, the challenges it face and the potential of employing a large number of young professionals in this sector of the economy.




The conference was attended by 450 participants, including representatives of state institutions of all levels, company directors and software industry professionals, as well as representatives of educational institutions, NGOs and the media. In addition to presenting the potential of software industry development in B&H to the wider public, the organization of the The First Conference On The Development Of Software Industry in B&H has sent a message of support to the software industry, as the official commitment of B&H and its institutions at all levels, with the aim of strategic development of this branch in B&H.




The Bit Alliance will continue with the organization of similar events in order to better present the software industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to present proposals for the continuous development of this prospective business branch.