Site Reliability Engineer

Ministry of Programming builds startup software companies from the first line of code. We are a supercharged team of just over 40 creative people and we are looking forward to bring a new one in to help us on our journey. Our mission is to deliver quality software efficiently, and to build amazing applications. We are building next generation healthcare web and mobile applications that have a real impact on people's lives, and we are looking to expand our team. You will have large responsibilities from day one. What you do will have the actual impact on our users and MOP as a company. Your opinions and ideas will matter. You will work on existing project built on Scala/Java stack as part of the bigger platform for the international partner. Tasks can vary from making whole functionalities from scratch to investigating and fixing bugs. Part of the system which we are developing in Scala/Java consists of real time interaction between various clients and backend so having awareness of system performance while

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  •  Proactivity in improving the whole lifecycle of services — from design, deployment, operation and refinement
  • Scale systems using automation, improve by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity
  • Automatate the shit out of infrastructure and deployment procedures
  • Push DevOps principles everywhere you can

Skills and Qualifications


  •  Strong background in Linux/Unix administration
  • Experience with configuration management tools, Saltstack/Puppet preferred
  • Infrastructure provisioning tools like Terraform aren’t some unknown teritory
  • Using cloud services. AWS is a must, Google Cloud or Azure is a big +
  • Understanding code and scripting languages. Knowing Python, Ruby and bash would get you the job
  • You can’t sleep knowing services you manage aren’t fully automated
  • If the above isn’t true, then you need to have ability to jump from bed at 3AM and login into production systems without crashing anything
  • Ever heard of Kubernetes? Jenkins? CI/CD? Chaos Monkey? Good, this is what you’ll be doing



  •  You will help company projects evolve and move faster than “waterfall”
  • You will not accept half-assed solutions in production
  • You will blend in with developers and business people
  • You will work with cutting edge tech in a startup environment