GoLang Developer

Ministry of Programming builds startup software companies from the first line of code. We are a supercharged team of about 50 creative people and we are looking forward to bring a new one in to help us on our journey. Our mission is to deliver quality software efficiently, and to build amazing applications. We are building a next generation store for in-game items in coordination with the German Stock Exchange. You will have a large responsibility from day one. What you do will have an actual impact on our users and MOP as a company. Your opinions and ideas will matter.



  • Proactivity in improving the whole lifecycle of services — from design, deployment, operation and refinement
  • Scale systems using automation, improve by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity
  • Automate the shit out of infrastructure and deployment procedures
  • Push DevOps principles everywhere you can
  • Thinking about security, usability, readability and performance with every line of code
  • Play games
  • Must be honest and open about progress
  • Always work with the team not for yourself!!!

Skills qualifications


  • Strong background with Go (GoLang) [Or with C++ with at least 5 years of experience, which you can prove]
  • Strong background with Databases (MySQL is prefered, but MSSQL and/or Postgres are also a plus)
  • Experience with Network protocols is a plus
  • Passionate about Continuous Delivery and automating everything
  • Experience building software from scratch
  • DOCKER – Only true container in your life
  • Knowledge of cloud services like AWS or Google Cloud (This one is preferred)
  • At least basic knowledge of Kubernetes and jenkins
  • Positive and proactive attitude