Data Scientists

Symphony is now looking for bright minds to join our community in Sarajevo, as a Data Scientist.

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Symphony is the first culture-driven technology house dedicated to crafting the workforce of the future.
We stand shoulder to shoulder with the most creative entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the world. We work on the kinds of challenges that keep entrepreneurs up at night and we build the teams and spaces that get engineers up in the morning!
Symphony is building a global community – not just a company – where bright minds want to come to work and play. Our current technological playground includes more than 15 technologies currently popular in Silicon Valley and it changes in sync with progress in the tech world.
Symphony is now looking for bright minds to join our community in Sarajevo, as a Data Scientist.
If you are passionate about data science and are ready to work with us and share your passion then this is the right place for you. If you are ready and excited about taking your ML, programming and database knowledge to the next level, enjoy challenging projects that involve large data pipelines, cleaning and transforming data, algorithm development, have strong analytical skills, an unwavering commitment to quality, excellent technical skills and a collaborative work ethic then you’ll do great things here at Symphony.
Data Scientist responsibilities will include:


  • working with our clients and taking their data to use it to build insights and design and build data-driven products;
  • working with talented engineers and collaborating with product managers and designers to investigate new data sources, perform data modeling and deploy new features;
  • integrate multiple data sets;
  • link and mash up distinctive data sets;
  • handle potentially incomplete data sets;
  • demonstrate expertise when deriving insights from structured, semi-structured or unstructured datasets;
  • clean up data;
  • implement predictive modelling;
  • discover new insights;
  • ask the right questions;
  • communicate your findings;
  • demonstrate ethical responsibility when dealing with data;
  • perform exploratory data analysis;
  • generate and test working hypotheses in a cross-silo collaborative environment;
  • prepare and analyse historical data and identify patterns.

Key skills and position requirements include:


  • strong background in statistics and good applied statistics skills such as distribution, statistical testing, regression, familiarity with hypothesis testing, linear models(generalized), additive models, mixture models and nonparametric models;
  • strong background in mathematics;
  • experience with scripting and rapid prototyping using R, python (preferred) or similar;
  • strong analytical skills and organizational abilities;
  • excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills;
  • great communication skills (excellent written and verbal communication skills in English);
  • experience with Java, Scala, Spark Streaming and Spark MLlib (optional);
  • data mining experience (using python/pandas) (optional);
  • experience with machine learning (optional);
  • experience working in cloud environments such as Azure, AWS or equivalent (optional);
  • familiarity with Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, HDFS, etc.) would be a major plus!

Education and Experience:


  • Postgraduate (M.Sc. / Ph.D. / post-doctoral) qualification in a numeric discipline such as statistics, machine learning, computer science or signal processing;
  • Experience (2+ years) in a similar position would be a great advantage.

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  • Projects: augmented reality, biotechnology, machine learning, wearables and much more,
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  • Fun zone, tasty, healthy food, terrace, playroom and more,
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When choosing new team members, we love to be mutually impressed. If we’ve impressed you, we challenge you to impress us and we will get back to you soon.